Acting and Puppeteering

Michel Villée (Belgium)

27 August - 2 September

Duration: 35 hours +
Working time: 10.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 20.00
Limited number of participants: max 18
Language: English, French

The workshop will start with basic exercises of puppet manipulation. Discover the difference of the work in association (the puppeteer “disappears”) and dissociation (the puppeteer is a character of the story).

We will also go through exercises aiming to analyze the questions of the question of the focus with or without a puppet. What does the public look at ?

This done, we will go on with exercises and improvisations centered on the interaction between the puppeteer and the puppet, both in association and dissociation work. The objective is to discover together how to make lively improvisation, but also, improvisation that can be used in process of stage writing.

We will also develop on the week time a small project putting all the puppeteers and the puppets together, forming a choir.

Every day will start with a warming up. Then we will go through various exercises, ending the day with improvisation, solo or in group.

The workshop is addressed to professionals or non –professionals puppeteers, performers, artist in general that work with puppets.

Every participant should bring a full sized puppet, attached or not to the body.

Every evening, from the first day onwards, we will be putting a sound together with an image: Under the guidance of the director Kostadis Mizaras and Eirini Sgouridou, we will be working together to produce short studies of audio-visual narration.

All these short studies are to be matched together as a vaudeville performance to be shown either as a whole or as a part of short repeated episodes spread around space and attended by the people while walking around the village.

Michel Villee smlMichel Villée

Michel has studied theater and movements in Brussels (Kleine Academy). He graduated in June 2010. He participated to the creation of the show Que Faire that has been played in Belgium and France in 2010 and 2011. He worked for several theater company as an actor before becoming puppeteer. He created with 7 others artists the collective Une Tribu (A Tribe). He is part of the teams that created GASPARD, a short from of 20 minutes that’s has been played in Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Luxemburg and Greece. He then participated to the creation of La Course, mainly performed in Belgium and France; He’s now busy with news project for the collective, Blizzard (as puppeteering coach), La Brèche (as author and puppeteer) and November (as author and director). Besides those projects with the collective, he has worked for other companies as an author, an actor or to accompany the development of the puppets parts of different shows (“Pépi”/compagnie Paulette Godart, in Belgium, Giraffe/Hop Signor, in Greece, “Pantera” in Belgium, …).
He was leading the “puppets manipulation” atelier in the PLAN B international workshop that took place in Brussels in 2015, in collaboration with Natacha Belova and Théâtre de Galafronie. He’s regularly asked for different training, with professional or non-professional puppeteers.