Behind the Mask

Coordination: Simos Kakalas

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours

Timeline: 11.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 20.00

Language: English, Greek

Age of participants: over 18 years old

Behind the Mask, the performer’s face annihilates itself, liberating the body and making it available for any kind of incarnation. The Mask is a unique tool that allows the expression and the exploration of impulses, thoughts and emotions. The Mask occupies the performer’s body in a unique way. It pushes it to its limits in a way both personal and collective.
“Behind the Mask” is open to those wishing to explore the merging of body and rhythm by using archetypal shapes, impressed in the modern culture of physicality, such as the emblematic texts of Erotokritos, Apokopos and Erophili
The incarnations of the neutral Mask applied on stage suggest a new way of treating the stage creatively. Thus they form a clear frame open to a wider range of options and prospects.

An introduction into the incarnations of the neutral Mask.
Totemic archetypes.
Archetypal shapes and ways of using them.
Applications of fifteen-syllable verse.
Chorus lining or how ensembles acquire movement and voice

Simos Kakalas 2019Simos Kakalas

A graduate of Northern Greece State Theatre School of Drama, Simos Kakalas started working as an actor of the Nées Morphés theatre organisation, under the guidance of G. Paraskevopoulos. The research nature of their work together with their direction towards physical, was meant to influence him thereafter.
In 2000 he starts working as an actor in Northern Greece State Theatre starring in many performances. Also, he starts working as an assistant director.
In 2003 he forms what will be soon known as Theatre Company Chόros, aiming to develop a model which would combine research and professional sustainability. His broad, multilayered work with The Goλfω! Project is a fine example of a 15 year research and performance work on stage.
In 2007 he starts working on Cretan fifteen-syllable verse, resulting to his next multilayered Erofili Project.
In 2013 he presents in Epidaurus N. Panagiotopoulos’ poem, Sissimon.
In 2018 he completed a circle of research work with the performance of Wuthering Heights together with Theatre Company Chόros.
Considering interaction and theatre education of great value, Simos Kakalas teaches in Délos Higher School of Drama.