Saga, Spoken word and improvisation in the music of Ponto

Giannis Tsanasidis
(Pontian lyre, composition)
Natassa Tsakiridou

25 - 31 August

Duration: 30 Hours
Timeline: 11.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 20.00

Language: English, Greek

This unique workshop, especially dedicated and focused on the musical culture of Pontos, will be exploring the ancient singing tradition of the Black Sea region. The connection among storytelling, musical improvisation and verbal spoken tradition create an explosive culture widely shared among the ancient inhabitants of the area.

Last but not least to mention, is that in the end of the week there will be a performance / concert which will be sound/video recorded.

The workshop is open to singers and lyre players as well as to all musicians interested to this amazing musical universe.

cv tsanasidis 2020Giannis Tsanasidis

Giannis Tsanassidis was born in 1990 and comes from Rachi Veria. He began to study the Pontic Lyra at the age of 9, having as a teacher Theodoros Veriotis. Then he expanded his musical knowledge by acquiring the degrees of Harmony (2009), Counterpoint (2011) and Fugue (2013). He is a graduate of the Department of History and Archeology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2013) and the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, in the traditional direction with specialization ‘’Pontic Lyra’’ (2017). He also holds a Master’s Degree in ‘’Music Arts’’, in Greek Music Traditions from the Department of Music Science and Art (2019). In (2015) he released his first album titled ‘’Mekatiri’’, (2017) his second ‘’Egw em petragodesa’’ within his undergraduate thesis and (2019) the third ‘’Toksareas Amaranta’’, edited by the Pontian Students Association of Thessaloniki. He has worked as an associate professor of Pontic Lyra at the Music School of Veria (2018-19) and Ptolemais (2019-20) and as an academic fellow in the Department of Music Science and Art in the specialization ‘’Pontic Lyra’’ (2018-20).

cv tsakiridou 2020Natassa Tsakiridou

Natasa Tsakiridou was born in 1990 in Thessaloniki. She graduated from the Department of Medical Laboratories Studies of the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (2008-2013) and she is a senior in the Department of Music Science and Art in the University of Macedonia, in the Specialization of Traditional Singing with Georgia Tenta (2015-2020). She also studied Turkish Traditional Singing and kaval with Mahmut Karağenç (2018-2019) in the State Conservatory of Turkish Music of Ege University in İzmir as an Erasmus+ student.

She was a member of "Argatia" (2013-2016_pontian music), she is a member of "Tanzimat Project" (2016-today_kafe aman), "Experiments" project (2017-today_improvisation, sound, image), vocal group "Dilgeroudi" (2017-today_greek traditional music), "Leftokaria" (2017-today_pontian music) and "Tis lemonias ta katartia" (2018-today_greek tradional music).