Music on Stage - Making music for other performing arts and pictures in motion

Coordination: Periklis Liakakis

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours

Timeline: 11.00 – 14.00

17.00 – 20.00

Language: English, Greek

“Music on stage” aims to explore issues related to Dramaturgy and how it manifests itself in cinema, opera and music-theatre. This will be done by analysing scenes out of the tabloid universe according to their musical, dramaturgical and visual nature. When does music cue in on a scene? When does it cue out; what is the role of music in a movie and why some of the strongest scenes in the history of cinema do not contain music at all? What is the relationship between music and sound design? How does a composer “mark” his musical characters in the opera and how in the cinema? Scenes from Hollywood films, European cinema as well as scenes from opera and music theatre will help us to observe various aspects of this subject. “Music on stage” will be particularly focusing on the visual aspect of the scenes, as this seems to be the springboard for the composer dealing with this genre.

All participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own works or create a scene from scratch in a private lesson. Short material (movie and animation films) will be uploaded so interested parties can download them and add music on. This will be done before Music Village starts, so that they will be able to have already worked on up to a certain point.

The seminar is addressed not only to composers but also to all those interested in music / theatre / cinema in general, wishing to explore and understand further this wonderful world of Music on stage!

Liakakis 2019Periklis Liakakis

Periklis Liakakis was born in Athens, Greece. He has received prizes and scholarships for his work by the City of Vienna, the City of Graz, the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna, the Austrian Office of the Federal Chancellor, the Greek Friends of Classical Music Society, the Thüringen Philharmonie etc. The growing interest for his “very unusual music language” (Thomas Daniel Schlee) that “has a very musical and distinctive sound” (Rodion Shchedrin) is revealed in his collaborations with renowned ensembles such as Ensemble modern, Ensemble „die reihe“, the greek National Orchestra, the greek radio symphony orchestra, Ensemble PHACE, Ensemble „Oktoplus“, dramagraz etc. He has been commissioned to compose works by, among others, the city of Trossingen in Germany, the Ensemble Modern International Academy, the Wiener Saxophonquartett, Sirene Operntheater etc. In 2017 his opera “Chodorkowski” was nominated as the best new production for music theatre in the Austrian Musiktheater awards.
Along with composition, his interest in photography is an important part of his artistic creation. His photographs have been posted in group exhibitions as well as in two solo exhibitions in Athens (Depot gallery 2017) and Larissa (Μύλος 2018).
He holds a teaching position at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna since 2002 and is a Senior Lecturer since 2010.