"Man overboard - How to dismantle stage fright!"

A seminar on performing and acting

Coordination: Michalis Sionas

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours
Timeline: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30
Language: English, Greek

Age of participants: over 18 years old

Short insight:

A) The neurophysiology of the exposed person (in our case, the performer).
B) The conscious mind and the hacking mind.
C) Gesture and body language.

It’s more common than we like to admit, but many times as performers -regardless of experience - we face great difficulty in bringing to life or in other words, in action, something we’ve imagined or thought. And vice versa. Meaning we sometimes create a motion pattern or a posture we cannot relate to mentally. It’s hard to say who calls the shots, the body or the mind.

Can we have these two work together and not against one another?

It is indeed a chicken and egg thing, but isn’t it better to at least try and figure things out? Just for the sake of a sincere and conscious body on stage, instead of a struggling through complexities one.

The seminar is open to all actors and performers.


Sionas 2022Michalis Sionas

Michalis is a theatre director, actor and musician. He has directed plays for the National Theatre of Northern Greece and for several theatre companies in Greece and abroad. He has worked as a commentator for Piccolo Teatro di Milano and the University of Milan (The Oblomov Project International). He teaches acting at the National Theatre of Northern Greece Drama School.
He has composed music for film and theatre, including scores and soundtracks for films of the silent era (1895-1927).