the music village

arTree, a society for musical expression, in collaboration with EKPOL, the Municipality of Artemida and the people of Agios Lavrentios, will be organizing “Music Village” for a 10th year in a row.

This event aims at pre-scheduled and spontaneous performances of musical ideas and the productive exchange of ideas and projects among artists of diverse nationalities.

At the same time, it offers sixteen workshops/masterclasses for group activities, which will be co-ordinated by artists/musicians of international calibre in the area of contemporary or historical performance and creation. The themed sections of each workshop will function integrally and will intend to approach musical art broadly, yet effectively, whilst putting particular emphasis on original and unconventional areas that have not yet been integrated into the Greek educational system.

The above-mentioned activities will take place in a centuries-old venue of historical importance, where high aesthetics are not only reflected in the local architectural style of Pilio, but are also apparent in its special natural surroundings. During their sojourn, the “temporary” residents of “Music Village”, as well as acquiring the desirable knowledge, will also have the opportunity to participate actively or passively in numerous music performances that will take place in houses and courtyards of the village and in piazzas and forest clearings. They will also have the chance to take part, together with their instructors, in walking tours / excursions and take appropriate musical instruments along. Finally, they will enjoy accommodation in traditional hostels in the village and will taste the cuisine of Pilio and the celebrated “ritual tsipouro drinking sessions” at the central village piazza.

As coordinators of this newly established music community, we invite you to take part, actively or as visitors. Rather than falling into the typical traditions of a closed circle festival or a touristic fete, we intend to establish a creative symbiosis among artists, music lovers, locals and the natural environment and hope to create an institution that will reinforce both creativity and human relations.