Let us sing correctly!

Musicianship Training according to Zoltán Kodály’s Pedagogical Philosophy

Angeliki Ploka (The Netherlands / Greece), Yasmin Folini (Hungary / Greece), Erifili Damianou (Greece)

6 - 12 August

Duration: 30 hours
Working time: 10.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.00
Language: Greek, English

All participants are kindly requested to send a short biography and also state their type of voice (SATB) to the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Angeliki Ploka)

"...the characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows: a well-educated ear, a well-educated intelligence, a well-educated heart and a well-educated hand…"

With these words the Hungarian pedagogue Ζoltán Kodály, marks the preconditions that one needs in order to become a well-rounded musician.

In order to achieve this goal, every music manifestation must be led by an inner conception, hearing and imagination. All the above mentioned skills can be more easily developed through singing; therefore, the voice is the most essential tool in the pedagogical philosophy of Z. Kodály. In addition, singing contributes to the cultivation of musicianship, which is developed mainly through solfege. As a consequence, solfege is the Αlpha and Omega of music understanding!

The aim of the seminar is for the participants to experience in a holistic way the principles of Z. Kodály’s pedagogical approach and its methodological ideas, in the way they are implemented in the music education system of Hungary, as well as to give suggestions on how to adapt those ideas to the Greek public schools and conservatories.
The seminar is addressed to music teachers/pedagogues of all levels of music education, to choral conductors, to students and graduates of the music departments of universities as well as to students and graduates of music conservatories that are interested in music education and choral singing

Angeliki PlokaAngeliki Ploka

Αngeliki Ploka is a versatile young musician; a singer, a choir conductor and a music pedagogue. She was born in Trikala (GR), where she started her musical studies from a young age, studying piano, cello, clarinet and singing. Angeliki obtained her MA in Kodály Music Pedagogy in 2015 (Excellent-A. Onassis Scholarship) at the Liszt Academy of Music. She studied Choral Conducting with Péter Erdei (Sarolta Kodály Scholarship-IKS, 2014) and she received further coaching from Dr. Zoltán Pad and Dr. Árpád Tóth. During her studies in Hungary she also studied singing with Dr. Renáta Darázs, Lied with Roland Hajdú and piano with Anikó Novák at the Liszt Academy of Music, Kodály Institute. Angeliki holds Diplomas in Piano and Music Theory (Excellent-Distinction) and a Bachelor in Musicology/Music Pedagogy with Honors (Hons) from the Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
As a singer, Angeliki has performed premieres of contemporary works in Greece and has given recitals in Hungary. In the Netherlands, she sang in productions with the Groot Omroepkoor, the Sweelinck Kamerkoor, the Meesters & Gezellen 2016 (conductor Sigvards Klava) and the Young Composers Meeting 2016 in collaboration with the Orkest de Ereprijs (conductor Rob Vermeulen).
As a conductor, Angeliki conducted the MOU.S.A.I Choir at the Department of Italian Literature, AUTH (Gr) in 2012/2013. During her stay in Hungary and in the Netherlands she has worked with choirs such as the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, the Csíkszerda Kamarakórus, the Mixed Choir of the Kodály Institute and the Residentie Kamerkoor. Since September 2015 she has been the conductor of the Parochiekoor Levend Water in Weesp and of the Amsterdams Studenten Projectkoor (Gilbert’s & Sullivan’s operetta Iolanthe).
Angeliki participated in masterclasses both in Music Pedagogy and Choral Conducting with teachers and conductors including Péter Erdei, Dr. László Norbert Nemes, Lenke Igo, Dr. Árpád Tóth, Dr. Zoltán Pad, Kata Körtvési, Zsuzsa Kontra, Lucinda Geoghehan. In May 2015, she was selected to participate in the Tenso Masterclass for Conductors, organized by TENSO - the European network for professional chamber choirs. In this masterclass, Angeliki was invited to work with two world-renowned choirs, Cappella Amsterdam and Ηelsingin kamarikuoro, under the guidance of Daniel Reuss and Fredrik Malmberg respectively.

Last but not least, as a music pedagogue, Angeliki has applied the principals of Kodály’s philosophy in teaching pre-school music, music theory/solfege and piano for more than eight years. In 2015, she was invited to lead a workshop in Kodály’s Music Pedagogy (Let us sing correctly!) and taught Musicianship Training according to Kodály’s pedagogical philosophy in the seminar of the Music Village in Greece. As of 2016, Angeliki is teaching solfege/music theory according to Kodály’s pedagogical philosophy at the Dutch National Choirs (Nationale Koren-Vocaal Talent Nederland) in Amsterdam and at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Koninklijk Conservatorium).
Angeliki is currently based in The Hague, pursuing further studies in classical singing with Lenie van den Heuvel and in choral conducting with Jos Vermunt and Jos van Veldhoven at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Koninklijk Conservatorium).

yasmin2016Yasmin Folini

Yasmin Folini is a graduate of the Liszt Academy of Music at the Departement of Music Pedagogy. As a recipient of the Hungarian State Scholarship, she obtained her BA in General Music studies with Kodály Emphasis and her MA in Kodály Music Pedagogy (Hons).
Since September 2015 she has been part of the teaching faculty of the Kodály Institute, Liszt Academy, and she has been in charge of the music programme at the Little Star Kindergarten in Budapest. Recently, she has been invited to give lectures and workshops in Greece and abroad.
Yasmin started her piano lessons at an early age under the supervision of Dr. Sofia Kontossi. She graduated from the Music High School of Pallini and received her Diploma in Harmony (Excellent) from the Athenaeum-Maria Callas Conservatory in Athens, Greece.
As a pianist Yasmin has won several competitions and she has participated in many masterclasses in Piano and Chamber Music with P.Nagy, A.-M.Ciornei, O.Szabó, D.Blumenthal, B.Berman, J.Colom, M.Gouveia, among others.
During the last years she is studying piano under the supervision of Anikó Novák in Hungary and since September 2015 she has been a member of the New Ferenc Liszt Chamber Choir (Új Liszt Ferenc Kamarakórus) working with conductors such as Péter Erdei, László Norbert Nemes, András Keller, Grete Pedersen.

Erifili Damianou - Marinis Erifili 2015

Erifili Damianou was born in Thessaloniki. She is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and also a graduate of Preschool Educators College. She studied Piano and Music Theory in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and continued her musical studies in Zoltán Kodály Institute in Hungary where she graduated with distinction (Red Diploma). She studied Choir Conducting in Hungary with professors Péter Erdei, Eva Rosgonyi and Katalin Kiss. At the same time she attended master classes and seminars in choir conducting with Anthonis Kontogeorgiou, John Adamidis, Ernst Koletschka and Doreen Rao. Since 1992 she is an instructor at the Department of Music Studies at the Aristotle University. She is also working as a music teacher in primary school education. She excelled as a conductor of the “Panagouda” girls’ choir and also as a conductor of the Children’s and the Mixed Choir of the “Music College” Conservatory in Thessaloniki. Since February 2013 she is the founder and the conductor of the mixed choir of Greek Society for Music Education. As a music educator, she participated in many seminars and workshops on the teaching approaches of Carl Orff and J. Dalcroze. As a researcher she participated actively in Psychoacoustics program (I.PS.A.) and the «Music and the Brain» interdepartmental project in Aristotle University. She also attended specialized programs concerning the association of learning with brain function in Macedonia University and the University of Sheffield. She has presented in Greek and international conferences and she has published papers on Music Education and Music Theory in Greek and foreign journals. As a musicologist she collaborated with the “Thessaloniki - Cultural Capital Agency” and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall-Megaron.