A Story within A Story within A Story

A workshop about dissolving the musician’s ego

Hayden Chisholm (New Zeland / Serbia)

19 - 25 August

Duration: 33 hours +
Working time:
10.30 - 11.30: interactive / group sessions
12.00 - 14.00: workshop sessions
17.00 - 19.00: interactivity among workshops

There are many reasons why we would hide ourselves behind a story: the need to be anonymous, the will to make labyrinth of meaning and a challenge for the listener, the fact that the story or archetype is bigger than us, or even legal reasons.  But what are some practical techniques for the transformation of an archetype or a story? How can I take words or a story and set them alive with music? How can my story grow organically through me truly listening to "the other" and the story itself. How can I step back as an artist and allow the real art to happen? How can we use old and even ancient form and organisational principals and apply them to modern expression? What does it mean to let the ego dissolve in the creative process and how can we do this?

In this workshop which is open to all instrumentalists, singers, poets, and visual artists, we explore this terra incognita together, exchanging ideas and thoughts.  Although we will work towards some kind of performances in the village and be accompanied by a host of practical excercises led by Hayden, it is an open format, a work in process, and a chance to push and perhaps break through the limits of our creativity. By learning about the other intensively and then creating for him or her and hiding the author, we can explore some of these areas extensively.

All workshops will be interacting with one another during some time of the day.

hayden chisholm cvHayden Chisholm

Hayden is a New Zealand saxophonist, composer and barefoot sky runner who grew up beneath the imposing volcano Taranaki in the west of New Zealand. His childhood was filled with birdsong, ocean waves, green grass, and the never-budging volcano. Before leaving his home for Europe he promised the mountain he would be back when he had done what he had do. Quickly realising the more he learnt the less he felt he knew, his 25 years traveling the world have left him with a sense of gratitude but also urgency. He has dutifully collected music and rapture the world over and relayed it passionately in his teaching, well aware that the volcano will not forget his promise. 
Hayden has a long and extremely varied career which spans festival directing and programming, musical composition and production, film directing, sound art, long distance running, concert performance and performance art. He has performed and released material under several pseudonyms. Themes close to his heart are transformation, the universality of sound and song, the art of listening, vibrational healing, and generally doing his little bit to preserve this pretty wee planet.
He currently lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.