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Michalis Siganides (Greece)

27 August - 2 September

Duration: 30 ώρες +
Working time: 10.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.00
Language: Greek, English

The workshop aims to create new layers and links between 2010 Music Village already recorded material collected by Michalis Siganidis. The composer / performer will be working together with the participants in order to create new music by using the “patchwork” techniques, the structural ideas as well as the so characteristic spectrum of his art.

Every evening, from the first day onwards, we will be putting a sound together with an image: Under the guidance of the director Konstantis Mizaras, we will be working together to produce short studies of audio-visual narration.

All these short studies are to be matched together as a vaudeville performance to be shown either as a whole or as a part of short repeated episodes spread around space and attended by the people while walking around the village.

siganidis-sMichalis Siganides

Michalis Siganides was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1958. He plays the double bass and a 5 string guitar, composes music, along with, dramatized audio cut-ups, mostly on his own lyrics, which performs with the quintet  Siganidae5, former Friends of Miltos Sachtouris.
He is a lifetime member of the groups Chimerini Kolimvites,  Primavera en Salonico and collaborates with quite a few musicians of the contemporary improvisation musical scene and songwriters.
Records:  Brother Junior / Morning and Evening / The Phantom – train,  a Friend / Small    Adds / Basseclasse / Sabbath Lift / Gli Altri / 97%.
Arrengements: Trackers of Jura, songs of the Hebrides / The Sun and the Moon, songs of Samothrace.
[Siganidis delivers a wide-open yet coherent mix of jazz, blues, funk, traditional Greek sounds, free improvisation, electronics, poetry, a sharp social outlook and loads of humor.]