Dancing the Rite of Spring

Dance seminar and presentation. Music of Igor Stravinsky 

Taxiarchis Vasilakos

19 - 25 August

Duration: 33 hours
Time schedule: 10.00-14.00 (working in-group session)
17.00-19.30 (group sessions, interaction with other groups, lectures)
Language: French, English, Greek

The music of Rite of Spring is a complete masterpiece offering a various pallet and points of view for the choreographer. The Music Village offers the appropriate environment in-and-next to the nature in order to study the beginning point of Stravinsky's and Roerich's project's intention.

Starting from the sound and the music, we're going to explore different ways to embody them, dance with them, live along and be one with them. For this we need analytical perception, be in condition to work as musicians and dancers at the same time.

In the seminar we are going to work as a team and individually, we're going to improvise, we're going to learn dance phrases of contemporary and modern dance, we're going to propose ours, while we're going to work technically.

The seminar is for people who are accustomed working with their body. Professional dancers of all forms, amateur dancers, dance students, circus artists, actors with body-centered approach, musicians with a particular disposition for performing arts etc.

Suggested equipment: Soft shoes, having in mind that we'll work in multiple surfaces: earth, wood and stone. Optionally you can bring a yoga mat or of other tissue.

cv taxiarhis 2019Taxiarchis Vasilakos
dancer, choreographer, musician, pedagogue, performer, animator

Taxiarchis graduated the National Conservatory of Dance (contemporary and classical) whilst he started dance training in Niki's Kondaxaki's Dance School in Athens. He continued his studies in Paris with the 1st award of the State Foundation of Scholarships, to study with Wilfride Piolet and Jean Guizerix the technique Barres Flexibles, and to join the training program of Centre National de la Danse and Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, in Paris.
He also graduated the Music and Musicology Department of the University of Athens.
He studied accordion, piano and composition, while he'd been recording for albums in Greece & France.
He has choreographed: My Love (Paris, Athens, Mandra, Heraklion, 2009-2011), Zeïbékiko aujourd'hui (Lyon 2011), All Is One (Mandra 2012, Paris 2013), The Cry (Epirus, Athens 2014-2015), L'Émigrec (Paris, Bretagne, Fontenay aux Roses, Athens 2014-2017), The Agony of Cancer (as previous, 2014-2017), Collective Memory of Epirus (Konitsa 2016), Cabanon-Le Corbusier (Chania 2016). Co-creator with Björn Grambow of Kouto Kouti (Stupid Box), children's performance (2018). 
As a danser, he has worked with Adonis. Foniadakis (Urge, Mystify, Romeo & Juliette in international festivals in Greece, Belgium, Finland and Italy 2006-2011), R. Alston (2009), Ch. Mandafounis (2005), J. Hollander (2014), N. Koshou (2015), S. Robin (2008-2009), C. Cauquil 2015-2017), G. Amstrong (2008), K. Michos (2012) and others in Europe and North Africa.
As a performer (actor, accordionist, dancer, chorister) he worked for the Alternative Stage of Greek National Opera in ONCE (playing Eamon), director Akyllas Karazisis (2018-19).
He is qualified teacher of dance (contemporary) from the French and Greek Ministry of Education.
He's been teaching dance in Regional Conservatory and public kindergarten in France, dance in public artistic high school in Greece, dance and music in private dance schools and kindergartens in Greece.
In theater he completed with honors the first-year course of the theater school Kydonia-Chania (2017-2018).
He was movement supervisor on the theater-solo My Angel (Henry Neilor), dir. Michalis Virvidakis (2018).
As musician, he has participated in the albums «Makrovouti» of Themos Skandamis in Athens and «Gaitani» of Trio Tzane in Paris (Naive, world distribution).