«Nama…Pur» - a polyrhythmic ritual

Workshop – Residency – Performance (premiere)

Tutor – artist in residency: Andys Skordis

19 - 25 August

Duration: 33 Hours
Timeline: 10.00 – 14.00 (seminar’s team)
17.00 – 19.30 (collective sessions, rehearsals)
Language: Greek, English

The workshop underlines the connection between music rituals and polyrhythmic structures, through daily seminars leading to the performance of a new piece by Andys Skordis; specifically composed for the 3rd period of the Music village. The workshop emphasises on the techniques of Karnatic music and Gamelan, with the ultimate goal of executing complex rhythmical/polyrhythmical divisions through the lessons and the performance of the new work.

The workshop is addressed to musicians of various levels who are interested in developing their rhythmical perception and understanding through a theoretical and practical context.

For the specific needs of the new work we need:

4 singers (male and female)

4 music instruments (strings, winds)

4 percussionists (self-made percussion)

Outline of work structure:

Morning workshops (10.00 - 14.00)

At the morning workshops we will study rhythm through the various approaches found in Karnatic music and Gamelan. Through the techniques of Karnatic music we will be developing the essence of polyrhythm ( the co-existence of two or more rhythmical divisions in a given time frame), we will execute complex rhythmical structures and we will be introduced in methods to develop our sensation of pulse. In addition, Gamelan music will serve as a basis to focus on aspects such as co-ordination, synchronisation and rhythmical counterpoint. These elements will be expressed in exercises using the Konnakol method (rhythmical solfege), that they use in India.

Depending on the level of each musician, there will be an introduction to simple/medium/complex structures that will include the specific rhythmical matters.

Evening rehearsals (17.00 - 20.00)

During the evening rehearsals we will be transferring the content of the morning workshops at the instruments/voices. Ultimately we will apply them for the performance of the new work by Andys Skordis, as well as use them as a foundation for improvisation. The new work will include the rhythmical content of the workshop, with the addition of other elements found in Karnatic music, Gamelan and contemporary classical music. The new composition will be performed at the last day of the period at a specific concert at Ayios Lavrentios.

New work

The new composition will have a duration of 25-30 minutes, and will be composed based on the selection of instruments. The theme of the new piece is based on the abstract world, where the novel “Pig Iron” by Sofronis Sofroniou is taking place. The new work will present a music ritual through the context of music theatre, aiming to direct the performers and the audience in a chaotic dimension, where our insecurities of the unknown can lead to new undiscovered places of our existence. Music, as the main tool of the ritual, will be focused on polyrhythmical divisions, constructing a multilayered sonic flow which corresponds to Indonesian Gamelan music.

The new piece will also include space for improvisation.

Andys Skordis
cv skordis 2019

Andys Skordis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1983. He studied Composition and Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music, and later on gained his Master’s degree in composition from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Additionally, he holds a post graduate degree in Karnatic music from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and in Balinese Gamelan from ISI Denpasar in Bali.

Andys has written over fifty compositions, comprising mostly of operas, orchestral and chamber music, oratorios, gamelan pieces and music for theatre, dance and short films.  His music has been performed worldwide at festivals and concerts of contemporary music by many renowned ensembles, as well as amateur groups. He has also created various site specific music performances with newly formed groups, in places like quarries, temples, abandoned buildings, forests, museums, and more. His music has been awarded prizes and subsidies from The Netherlands, Indonesia, Cyprus, Mexico, U.S.A and Iceland. Most notably, he received the prestigious Buma Toonzetters Prize 2012, one of the highest composition prizes in The Netherlands. Other prizes include the 1st prize at the International competition Symphony for Asia in South Korea, the 1st and 2nd prizes in competitions held by the Cyprus Symphony orchestra, and more. Besides composing he is currently teaching Karnatic music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and he is the founder of the free improvisation collective “The Brain Masturbation” and the contemporary ensemble“PATSIAOURA”, which he also directs.

As a composer he finds inspiration in the primordial human nature, which is reflected through a contemporary methodology in his compositions. His recent works find stimulation from ceremonial and mystical rituals from the world. These incentives are expressed as a representation of a contemporary ritual characterised by tension and mysticism in his music.