Enter Pulsation

Physical Theatre workshop

Alexandra Kazazou, Maria Lappa

19 - 25 August

Duration: 33 Hours
Timeline: 10.00 – 14.00 (seminar’s team)
17.00 – 19.30 (collective sessions, rehearsals) 
Language: English, Greek

Through specialized exercises that come from the physical anthropological theater and the Japanese butoh, this workshop gives focus on the process of listening and understanding the usefulness of the Body Pulsation individualy and collectivelly  as a basic element on the creation process of the performance structure and  the Chorus contrition .

The pulsation consists of a repetitive sequence of identical and distinct short-term stimuli, perceived as points in time, and, through practice, is utilized as the most basic rhythm element.

At a technical level, the experienced sense of pulsation that the human body can perform, help in the effective management of weight and momentum, resulting in an awareness of inner rhythm and neuro-muscular coordination.


Through the recognition of the pulsation we gradually pass through the creation and utilization of the Permormance Rhythm as a basic element in the construction of the chorus condition.

We will work in detail on:

5 Rhythms
Tadashi Suzuki's Stomping
Butoh Dance
Radio Taiso exersises
Chorus Contrition
Dance Elements
Text Rhythm and Prosody
Awareness of the sound vessels of the performers body.
Rhythmical scores of the body and voise
Harmoniz the horizontal with the vertical axis of the body and the voice.

The team will work on a specific text to be sent to the participants.

alex 2019Alexandra Kazazou

Alexandra Kazazou was born in Wrocław, Poland. She is half-Greek, half-Polish. She studied acting at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  Alexandra first encountered physical theatre in a workshop with the Song of the Goat Theatre during her studies, and in 2009 she went to Wrocław to enter the MA in Acting course with the Song of the Goat Theatre in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University.

She is currently a member of Studio Matejka, a resident company at the Grotowski Institute. In 2012 she created a solo piece, Charmolypi, directed by Matej Matejka, which she performed in Poland, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Turkey, the US and Scotland. During her six-year spell in Poland, she has performed with Odra Ensemble, co-founded Jubilo and taught ancient Greek drama at the University of Wrocław. Her main research interest is the function of chorus in Greek tragedy and the connection with the daily chorus of life and ensemble work.

 In 2014 she directed Linatendu, which she presented at the Grotowski Institute as part of Solo Situations 2. She co-directed Borders with Theatre Under The Tree (Istanbul) and played Miranda in Storm, directed by Anna-Helena McLean, the leader of Moon Fool (UK). She was assistant director on Studio Matejka’s The Harmony of Contradictions: Poland. In January 2015 she played the title role in KassendER, directed by Io Voulgaraki, created at the Grotowski Institute as part of Solo Situations 3. She currently teaches acting workshops around the world.

In 2016, with Karol Jarek, Kerem Karaboğa, Salih Usta and Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, she created Teatr Andra  a physical theater group based in Istanbul.Currently, she teaches acting at the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki, as well as at the Odeio Drama School in Athens and in Dilos Drama School.

Maria Lappamaria lappa 2019

Maria Lappa is a Physical Theatre Trainer and Performer using Butoh Dance and Physical Anthopological Theater as the main axis of her core work to which she has been trained by several distinguished teachers from all over the world. Some of them include Grigory Glazunov and Natalia Zhestovskaya(St.Petersburg) Atsushi Takenouchi, Katsura Kan, Masaki Iwana, Ko Murobushi

She has attended theater voice seminars with them, George Simeonidis, Spiros Sakkas, Sotiris Karamasinis, Aris Serbetalis,Evdokimos Tsolakidis, Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin (Lalish Theaterlabor / Vienna), John Britton, and Conterpoary dance seminars with Seol Jim Kim ,Peeping Tom dance company, Baris Mihci, Constantinos Mihos, Paolo Cingoliani, Billie Hanne, Benno Voorham and others

She works as a choreographer and performer while she co-ordinates seminars in Greece and abroad through the research platform "Theater & Movement Research Project"

In 2018 she was subsidized by the NEON Foundation for her performance "Body in 64 Movements", which took place in Athens in Contemporary Theater in collaboration with “Svalbard Company” from Sweden.

Since 2008 she is working with  ODDdance Teater from St. Petersburg.

Some of her work and collaborations have been presented at the MTI University of London,  Ukya city takeover in Nottingham,Thessalonikis Contemporary Art Museum, Folklore and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace, Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, the Royal Theater of Thessaloniki, the "Michalis Kakogiannis" Foundation in Athens, the 15th European and Mediterranean Artists' Biennale - "Symbiosis?", At the 104th Kastaniotis Theater and others

Her research is based on the benefits of movement, and more specific Butoh dance, on extrapyramidal syndromes.