Laboratory for the body as material and as a living archive

Maria Sideri

19 - 25 August

Duration: 33 Hours
Timeline: 10.00 – 14.00 (seminar’s team)
17.00 – 19.30 (collective sessions, rehearsals)
Language: English

In this workshop we will look at how the body is used in performance and the ways with which the body can become a medium of documentation, a living archive that remembers and activates sounds, histories and images that can only survive when transmitted onto other bodies.

Using oral tradition and specially its relationship with music, this workshop will provide methodological tools for body based practices that relate to body memory and the way the body memorises. The body as memory, as an archive that registers emotions and events is the base from which we will be working using exercises of concentration, of movement as well as walks in the village and the surrounding area in order to activate biographies, memories and events of the village of Agios Laurentios, its music and histories of its people. 

More specifically, the methods offered derive from various contemporary dance practices and performance to ethnography and field work.

During the workshop we will collect different material which will be specified during the workshop in order to create with the contributions of the participants a living archive combining the history of the village, its music along with personal narratives and input.

The workshop is open to all, no previous experience needed in any of the above fields. The workshop welcomes musicians, actors, dancers and anthropologists and anyone else who is working or interested in the creative fields.

The final outcome of the workshop will be an open presentation to the public.

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Maria Sideri
cv sideri 2019

Maria Sideri is an artist that works in the intersection of performance, music and choreography. With a background in anthropology, she looks at the relation between what is performed and its embodiment in the cultural context in which it occurs. Her investigations turn to representations of the body: the body in possession, as an object or a landscape. She aims to make visible marginalised works that are not recognised in the course of time.

Personal Works: Déviations, Signal Festival (Brussels 09/18), “Hello World Choir” (Cairo 10/16-07/17), “Vibrant Matter/ La Metachorie”: Full Length Premiere Artsadmin (London 11/14), Rag Factory (London 2/14), 3rd Performance Festival (4th Biennale/ Greece 11/2013). “Stasis” with the music group Zero-Tau: SPILL National Platform (Ipswich, 11/12), Trouble festival (Brussels 4/13).

Video work: Chisenhale Dance Space Agony Art (London 1/14), Roman Road Festival (London, 3/14), Trip Space The Palest Light (London 5/14), Decoda Festival (Coventry 6/14). And a limited edition Fanzine #1,#2,#3 “It comes in Waves”.

Maria has collaborated with: Ron Athey, Julie Toletino & Stosh Fila, Manuel Pelmus, Tino Seghal, Simone Kenyon & Neil Callaghan, Lina Lapelyte, Tai Shani, Franz Erhard Walter, Lea Anderson. 

Maria Sideri holds a BA in classical studies from the University of Ioannina in Greece and two Masters, one in History of Religion from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and one in Creative Practice in Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London, where she has graduated with distinction in 2012. She is the recipient of the Arts Council England Grants for the Research and Development, and Production of Vibrant Matter / La Metachorie in 2013 and 2014. Recently, she has received the fellowship of ArtWorks, 1st program of Support for Artists (Stavros Niarchos Foundation) till September 2018 in Athens. Maria is currently doing her PHD research in the university of Western Macedonia on archival reseach and body practices.