Sound as Music and Music as sound

Christos Goussios

26 August - 1 September

Duration: 33 Hours

Timeline: 10.00 – 14.00 (seminar’s team)

17.00 – 19.30 (collective sessions, rehearsals)

Language: English, Greek

Τhe workshop welcomes musicians, non-musicians, filmmakers, as well as anyone wishing to explore some forgotten possibilities of hearing and sound. Theory and practice combined with observation and research of hearing will result to a performance made by the participants together with Dr Goussios.


1. Sound Exercises Hear-Listen-Audiovision, Recording-Decoding.
Selection of a group of sounds (sounds of materials): Each group chooses a material whose sounds will be used for its final sound/musical composition. Each group will select a short film for the final project.

2. Introduction to the basic Soundscape theory. Recordings and reproduction of sound. Hearing vs Recording
Sound Editing & musique concrète
First discussions about the sound/musical approach to the project

3. Sounds with musical dimensions. Music with Sound Dimensions/Music as Ambience. Examples through movies excerpts.
Open rehearsals.

4. Painting & Sound: some thoughts about the presence of sounds on well-known paintings.
Open rehearsals

5. Performance / presentation of the project

christos goussios 2019Christos Goussios

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1973. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) and completed his Ph.D. thesis at the Department of Architecture, AUTh (with Prof. N. Tsinikas). Since 2005 he is teaching at the School of Film, AUTh most of the lessons of the direction of Sound & Music in Film, where he has been an assistant professor since 2017. He works in most areas of film sound, mainly as a sound designer and has collaborated with several Greek directors (Tasos Boulmetis, Stella Theodorakis, Christos Nikoleris and many more).

The teaching of William Gladd, a professor of Music at Anatolia College during his high school years, had an influential and significant role in his relationship with Music and his musical development. He started playing the drums in various bands of Thessaloniki, from the late 80's and for more than a decade. He has been playing the electric guitar since 2003. He started guitar lessons with Petros Paraskevas in 2015 and from 2018 he continues with Kostas Makrygiannakis in the Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

He has composed and performed Music for films and he is a member of the Prefabricated Quartet (A. Georgelis, C. Goussios, T. Papadimitriou, M. Sionas) where he is involved in songwriting. He has also collaborated with Sakis Papadimitriou for the on-site musical interpretation of silent films.
Indicative Filmography
Sound Design
1968 (directed by T. Boulmetis)
Sujet Libre/Free Subject (directed by Stella Theodorakis)
Refuge II, the ice path (directed by C. Nikoleris)
Do It Yourself (directed by D. Tsiliphonis)
Smuggling Hendrix (directed by M. Piperidis)
Holy Boom (directed by Maria Lafi)
Music (with Thodoris Papadimitriou)
Refuge II, the ice path (directed by C. Nikoleris)
Electra (directed by P. Sevastikoglou)
Music (with the Prefabricated Quartet)
Nobody (directed by C. Nikoleris)
Three Moments (directed by P. Sebastikoglou)
Music in situ for silent films with Sakis Papadimitriou
Nosferatu (Murnau)
The Immigrant (C. Caplin)
Film (S. Beckett)
Rhythm 21 & Rhythm 23 (H. Richter)