We are Movers

CoordinationKonstantinos Moraitis

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours

Timeline: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30

Language: Greek, English

A Mover is someone who sees beyond the technicalities of each movement pursuit or discipline. Someone who finds interest and wishes to understand the body, health, performance and physical artistic expression.

If you recognize yourself as a Mover and want to develop yourself as one, it is highly recommended to attend Ido Portal seminars.

Ido Portal is a revolutionary method of movement that combines quadrilateral and grounded movement with elements of different kinesiological streams, in order to create a demanding, multi-layered and fluid movement. This method results from the modern change in human physiology, which takes us away from daily movement. A mix of acrobatics and elements of animal movement, which reminds us of the capabilities of our body.

A primary goal is to create dialogue and a cross disciplinary exchange of information between various types of movers. Information that was isolated in specific practices, but this information was not shared.
Another goal is to assist a person to acquire a new perception of his body, to develop his overall flexibility, hand stands through ground exercises, games with tennis balls etc.
Utilizing guided improvisations for the development of systems of the body (joints, muscle mass, nervous system and spirit), the trainees will adjust and expand their kinesiological limits through 52 officially registered animal movements.


kmoraitis 2021Konstantinos Moraitis

Konstantinos Moraitis is an honored graduate of Athens Conservatory Drama School (2010) and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – Directing (2016).
In 2018 he completed his training in Ido Portal Movement Culture and has been teaching it since then in Dilos Drama School.
Konstantinos has worked with important directors in Greece and abroad. In the UK, he has toured with DV8 in the show “To be straight with you” and worked with David Silva in “I am because you are” in Edinburgh and Fringe Festivals.
In Greece, he has worked -amongst others- with Simos Kakalas in Freak-All star Game” [Athens Festival], “Greek Freak- Fire and Fury” [Theatre Choros], “Wuthering Heights” (Emily Brontë) [Theatre Choros], “Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer” (Bertolt Brecht) [National Theatre], “Here Sky” (Aglaja Veteranyi) [National Theatre of Northern Greece]. With Sophia Marathaki in “The Bald Soprano” (Eugène Ionesco) [Theatro Technis] and with Fly Theatre in “La Strada” (Federico Fellini) [National Theatre].
He has directed “O Morfomenos” (Elena Triantafyllopoulou), a play that was based on the interview of Skevofylax (the driver of the tank that invaded the National Technical University of Athens) and “Electra: A contemporary tragedy” (Elena Triantafyllopoulou), a play that was based in the life and death of the heroine of the National Resistance, Electra Apostolou.
In 2021 he will direct “Block 15” (Elena Triantafyllopoulou), a play about the only concentration camp in Greece. Also, in March 2021 he will obtain his certification as an Animal Flow Instructor and he will become one of the ten Animal Movement Masters in Europe.
He is a founding member of Sarkha Theatre Group. Sarkha in Arabic means scream.