The Other Side - A

Workshop on Acting

: Simos Kakalas

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours

Timeline: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30

Language: English, Greek

Age of participants: over 18 years old

In this workshop participants will be combining views and techniques deriving from Aglaja Veteranyi’s work “Why the child is boiling in the polenta”.

Besides the “traditional” methods incorporated in the acting class, the course aims to acquaint actors and actresses with the way other performers read a theatrical text, such as musicians and composers. Also, joined sessions will be held together with Periklis Liakakis’s workshop (Other Side B) for musicians and composers who will be dealing with Veterayi’s work from a different perspective. All together, instructors and participants will prepare parts in order to perform them at the end of the course.

The Other Side - A is open to actors and performers and classes will be held in english and greek language.

Simos Kakalas 2019Simos Kakalas

A graduate of Northern Greece State Theatre School of Drama, Simos Kakalas started working as an actor of the Nées Morphés theatre organisation, under the guidance of G. Paraskevopoulos. The research nature of their work together with their direction towards physical, was meant to influence him thereafter.
In 2000 he starts working as an actor in Northern Greece State Theatre starring in many performances. Also, he starts working as an assistant director.
In 2003 he forms what will be soon known as Theatre Company Chόros, aiming to develop a model which would combine research and professional sustainability. His broad, multilayered work with The Goλfω! Project is a fine example of a 15 year research and performance work on stage.
In 2007 he starts working on Cretan fifteen-syllable verse, resulting to his next multilayered Erofili Project.
In 2013 he presents in Epidaurus N. Panagiotopoulos’ poem, Sissimon.
In 2018 he completed a circle of research work with the performance of Wuthering Heights together with Theatre Company Chόros.
Considering interaction and theatre education of great value, Simos Kakalas teaches in Délos Higher School of Drama.