"Preparing the monkey"

Ido Portal workshop

Coordination: Konstantinos Moraitis 

18 - 24 August

Duration: 30 Hours

Timeline: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30

Language: Greek, English

Engage in an active process of learning. Learn how to move with more freedom. Expose yourself to a variety tasks which origins are in animal locomotion, contemporary dance, functional & natural movement. For anybody who wants to take a break from linear protocols and to become a creative mover.

Can the skill-set of a fighter, dancer, athlete and acrobat exist in the same body? What are the re-occurring principles and concepts in such fields of practice? How do we evolve a non hierarchical yet organized practice that involves MORE human movement?

The workshop is suitable for various levels and can be adjusted accordingly depending on one’s ability.

This workshop is aimed at acrobats, dancers and actors who wish to gain more freedom, creativity and awareness in their skills and movements. The focus will be on building a solid animal movement foundation, from which the participants can freely explore their range of possibilities.

We will work on basic movement elements such as bodily awareness and coordination, shifting weight, mobility, fluidity and softness in movement. A big emphasis is put on efficiency of movement; creating more energy with less effort. After working on these elements, we progress to the acrobatic movements. Here the basic biomechanical principles come into play, and time will be spent increasing strength and stamina of the arms and upper body. From there on we progress into more advanced acrobatics.

Through the study of 54 officially recorded animals we will discover their movement mechanics and the limits of each performer.

The main goal is to enhance the participant's awareness of his or her movements, and to provide tools and insights on how to break down complex acrobatics into smaller segments. The working method helps to impart a general knowledge and animal movement - acrobatic awareness from which the student can continue to develop autonomously.


kmoraitis 2021Konstantinos Moraitis

Konstantinos Moraitis is an honored graduate of Athens Conservatory Drama School (2010) and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – Directing (2016).
In 2018 he completed his training in Ido Portal Movement Culture and has been teaching it since then in Greek Drama Schools and various seminars worldwide.
Konstantinos has worked with important directors in Greece and abroad. In the UK, he has toured with DV8 in the show “To be straight with you” and worked with David Silva in “I am because you are” in Edinburgh and Fringe Festivals.
In Greece, he has worked -amongst others- with Simos Kakalas, Sophia Marathaki, Fly Theatre.
He has directed “O Morfomenos” (Elena Triantafyllopoulou), a play that was based on the interview of Skevofylax (the driver of the tank that invaded the National Technical University of Athens) and “Electra: A contemporary tragedy” (Elena Triantafyllopoulou), a play that was based in the life and death of the heroine of the National Resistance, Electra Apostolou.
He is a founding member of 812:Coal Theatre Company.