Epic Imbalance

Theatrical Clown Workshop

Coordination: Gözde Atalay
25 - 31 August 

Duration: 30 Hours
Timeline: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30
Limited places
Language: English

The workshop addresses itself to performers, therapists, educators or any person is interested in exploring new paths of expression and their creative potentials.

The clown journey starts when you immerse yourself into the unknown aspects of your personality, connecting with your untamed‘other’inside – the one who enjoys the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life.

The clown follows his/her impulses and is eager to find his/her own unique solution for any problem that emerges through his/her poetic journey. He/she is a playful being existing in the HERE and NOW, full of surprises for us and for himself/herself. The clown does everything with pleasure and a sense of joy!

In this workshop we will develop the ability to accept chaos, failure and the completely unknown as vital elements within our creative process. We will awaken our bodies, our playfulness, our awareness, our simplicity and we will free ourselves from fear and judgment through games, movement exercises, improvisation, method of three sec. and collective singing. We will bring out our hidden, unlived qualities and create a playful dialogue with them. The red nose ,which is the smallest mask in the world, will guide the individual clowns to emerge and we will work with their presence, projection, rhythm, costume and vital relationship with the audience.

In this workshop we will laugh and cry abundantly and this will help us in becoming “deeper” human beings and better artists!

"Think about yourself at least once in your life otherwise you may miss the best comedy in this world."
― Charlie Chaplin


** One song or poem or text or one sentence that is very important for you.
Something very personal that is creating a spesific emotional state to you any time that you say or sing it.


1) Black relaxed clothes (not very loose)
2) Red nose, if you have
3) Clothes much bigger or much smaller from your body shape. It's good if everybody could bring some extra spare clothes.
4) Any kind of accessoires (hats,belts....e.t.c)
5) Any music instruments that you play.
6) Any materials that related with your personal skills

*Red noses provided
*Tuesday 30th of August an open lecture on THEATRE CLOWN

Gozde 2022Gözde Atalay

Is a physical theater facilitator, director and actress born in Turkey and based in Athens. She’s been performing since 2000 and graduated from the department of Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy of Istanbul University in 2004.  As a physical theater performer, she studied at “Chame and Gene Estudios Teatrales" in Madrid and with Thomas Prattki at London International School of Performing Arts, where she completed the new full-time professional development program with a scholarship. She’s also trained with Mario Gonzalez, Giovanni Fusetti, Matej Matejka and Patrick Van Den Boom. Also she is engaging actively with other circus techniques and in 2011-2012 she taught in the social circus school for children “Cabuwazi” in Berlin.
She’s performed in Lithuania Alytaus Teatras 2019, Berlin Ballhaus Ost 2018 and London Camden`s People Theatre in the performance ''No Way Out'' with the company Flight of Escales, 2017 Santander Mujeres Que Cuentan Festival "Queens", in the 3rd Storytelling Festival of Athens 2016 " Upside Down'' Nasreddin Hodja Tales, in the International Theater Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2014 “A Quiet Voice”, in Berlin ZirCouplet-Variete Shows 2012 & 2013, on a street performance for the Berlin International Carnival of Cultures Festival 2012 and a number of other performances. She is currently working with the company La Volada on a new show. Since 2006, she has been living and working in several countries, where she is performing, directing and teaching in various international projects.