"The Power of the Moment"

Free Improvisation Workshop

Coordinator: Antonis Anissegos
25 - 31 August 

Duration: 30 hours
Working time: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.30
Language: English, Greek

Improvised music resembles a spontaneous microscopic life, swirling in a fantastic realm.
It starts with an intention.
A form is born, we nurture it, we let it grow and develop its own unique story.
The end might be hesitant or sudden, informal, without a goodbye.
Afterwards, it will be gone forever, until it will be born again in a different form at a different time and space.
In between these events, it will continue evolving in our imagination.


antonis sAntonis Anissegos

Antonis Anissegos has been living as a composer, pianist, improviser and electronic musician (alias “unu”) in Berlin since 1998. Concerts in Europe, Asia, USA and Central America. 
Anissegos is a member or regular guest at the Ensemble European Music Project, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Junge Musik, the Trio IAMA, the groups KAYA (with butoh-dancer Yuko Kaseki), ΣΩΜΑ, Card Castle, best before unu and Blindsight. He collaborated with the video artist Erika Matsunami (OIO, 2005–2009), the dance group adLibdances (2007–2011), Theater Thikwa (since 2004) and the music theatre group Novoflot (since 2017).
From 2006 till 2018 he has been teaching Improvisation at the Summer Workshops “Music Village” in Greece. 
His compositions cover the range between solo and orchestra, and include stage music for dance, theatre and film.
In addition, he has released more than 70 CDs.