concerts and performances 2019

3rd period / August 19 – 25
Vibrating Body I


20.00 // STRATONAS

Welcome meeting, Workshops Presentation

20.30 // STRATONAS
Opening Concert: Thodoris Ziarkas - USCITA

Oliver Dover - clarinet
Alexandros Rizopoulos – percussion
Thodoris Ziarkas – double bass

Double bassist and composer Thodoris Ziarkas presents a series of compositions entitled ''Uscita'', together with Oliver Dover on the clarinet and Gizem Altinordu on the percussion. The idea of ''Uscita'' - the exit - framed in a form of liberation to find one’s own journey.

The compositions balance on the borderline between the traditions of the Mediterranean and free improvisation. A recollection of sounds that unfold at times in polyphonic layers or in silence. Melodies and echotopia that derive from the processional celebrations and the cyclical events of life.

19 8 Thodoris Ziarkas USCITA


20.00 - 20.40 // STRATONAS
Documentary from Konstantino Tatroglou (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)
Yiota Delta and the Dyan
Traveling around Greece, we follow an old car and its’ stories, in order to meet a Teacher.

provoli giota delta new

21.00 // STRATONAS

''Chamber Cosmic Strings''
Sound: Lefteris Papadimitriou
Image: Orfeas Pavlidis

''Chamber Cosmic Strings'' is an audiovisual work created through algorithmic and generative processes. It is based on simulation of aural and visual physical vibrating models. Through mapping of physical gestures both on sound and shape we create a bidirectional information network that generates instrument-like sound streams and ''biomorphic'' shapes enclosed in a united audiovisual space. In another level, vibration as a metaphorical concept is represented as the basic creative principle that generates complex conceptual structures through a dialectic relationship between chaos and order.

20 8 pavlidis


Marina Liontou – Mohamend (ud – voice) – Alexandros Rizopoulos (percussion) In Duo
Α new duet exploring its possibilities and presenting compositions and improvisations from the middle east and Balkans.

20 8 marina mohamend


20.30 – 1.00
A special event which adheres faithfully to the monastic tradition of «agripnia» (vigil). By candlelight and without amplification, this night invites us to a musical meditation and a peaceful journey of the mind. Inside the church we will experience one of the oldest and deepest spiritual practises of the Christian orthodox faith accompanied by some of the masterpieces of byzantine music.

Aristic direction, cantor: Jannis Dionysiou
Cantors: Dimos Papatzalakis, Stathis Grammenos and choir

21 8 agrypnia


21.00 // STRATONAS

Savina Yannatou – Thodoros Kotepanos in duo
Two of the most important pioneers of contemporary Greek music in a rare meeting, full of inspiration. Works by Lena Platonos, Manos Hadjidakis, Nikos Kypourgos and others.

22 8 savina thodoris 

People of the Wind
Music inspired by the Balkan tradition
James Wylie (saxophone)

Fausto Sierrakowski (saxophone)

Alexandros Rizopoulos (daouli)

22 8 people of the wind


21.00 // STRATONAS
Eugenoulas’s and Deaths’s
Taxiarchis Vasilakos (dance, duduk) – Xanthoula Dakovanou (ngoni, percussion, voice)
A narrative performance full of dance and music, based on a greek folk song.

“In Search of Eurydice” 
Physical Theatre performance
Julianna Bloodgood (voice, performance) - Rafal Habel (voice, performance) - Nene Barini (voice, performance)
Thimios Atzakas (music, KoTaMo) - Thodoris Ziarkas (contrabass)

“In Search of Eurydice” is the first step in creating an auditory world of a physical theatre duet. Using elements of polyphonic singing, text, lamentation and instrumentals, this work in progress will begin to evoke the emotional and aural landscape of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and its Thracian origins.

23 8 In Search of Eurydice 


16.30 - 19.00 // IOANNIDIS HOUSE

Open Workshop
“Enter Pulsation” – physical theatre

Artistic coordination: Alexandra Kazazou – Maria Lappa

24 8 Enter Pulsation παρουσιαση

18.00 - 19.00 // STRATONAS
Workshop presentation
Polyphonic Body - The Radiant Storyteller
Artistic coordination: Julianna Bloodgood & Rafał Habel

cv rafa julianna 2019

20.00 // STRATONAS

Workshop presentation
“Dancing the Rite of Spring”

Artistic coordination: Taxiarchis Vasilakos
Piano: Anastasia Stavrou, Alexandros Pourloukakis

24 8 ierotelestia tis anoiksis

21.00 // STRATONAS
Crude Iron - Act I

Music composition/Conductor: Andys Skordis
Text (from the original novel): Sofronis Sofroniou
Performers: Students of "Nama...Pur" workshop

When a chess player is fatally shot in New York’s Union Square, he is transferred to the planet of Little Life, where he gets ten more years to live. Shortly after his arrival, he is tasked with reconstructing 4001, a novel by Austrian author Robert Krauss, and embarks on a search to find out whether Krauss is on Little Life himself. Through a series of striking episodes, Crude Iron takes the reader on a delirious journey spun in the vertigo of memory, literature and cinema.

24 8 skordis

Workshop Presentation – Final Feast
“Song and Wind”

Artistic coordination: James Wylie, Fausto Sierrakowski

24 8 song and wind

4th period / August 26 – September 1
Vibrating Body II


20.00 // STRATONAS
Welcome meeting, Workshops Presentation


21.00 // STRATONAS
“Music in the years of the Russian Avant-guard”

George Emmanuel Lazaridis - piano
Yura Kandylidis - violin
Christos Grimpas - cello

27 8 2019


21.00 // STRATONAS
Theodor Patsalidis – violin
James Wylie – alto sax.
Thimios Atzakas – el. guitar
Antonis Anissegos – fender rhodes, composition
Pavlos Georgiadis – tuba
Giorgos Klountzos-Chrysidis – drums

28 8 2019


21.00 // STRATONAS
“Canto Ostinato”
by Simenon ten Holt
Piano: Yannis Gutman, Anastasia Stavrou
Vibraphone: George Madikas
Mariba: Dimitris Zacharakis

29 8 2019


21.00 // STRATONAS
Chamber opera X_isTense revolves around the theme of Crisis. Social crisis, midlife crisis, and the crisis in Art, especially in modern art, all create a claustrophobic environment in which human existence is constantly threatened.

Composition, text: Periklis Liakakis
Video and Animation: Shadab Shayegan
Narrator, performer: Achilles Anastasiadis
Electric guitar: Kostas Makrygiannakis
Accordion: Costas Zigeridis
Baritone saxophone: Theofilos Sotiriades

30 8 2019


20.00 // STRATONAS
Worksops presentation

31 8 2019

“Beaming light”

31 8 2019 lefteris

The multitalented Cypriot songwriter and performer Lefteris Moumtzis presents his recently released work under the title Beaming light (Inner Ear Records).
A group of fine musicians will be joining him!