Music Village 2019

July / August
Aghios Lavrentios Pelion Greece

It is the 13th year when Music Village transforms the medieval village of Aghios Lavrentios to a site of artistic creativity, music making and education. All these, in a natural habitat of an unspoken beauty!

Music Village is organised by arTree, a non profit civil partnership, in collaboration with the Municipality of Volos, Peripheral Authorities of Thessalia, Magnesia and Sporades islands, the Local Community of Aghios Lavrentios and the Holy Metropolis of Demetriada.

This summer, arTree is happy to announce series of workshops under the umbrella of particular themes and titles. Vibrating Body hold the main body of workshops together with those related to music technology, soundscapes, film and theatre scoring among others. Twenty five coordinators coming from the field of music, theatre, dance, performance art and art science will take over this year's activities.
Also, have in mind that this year, together with the existing hotel facilities there will be a hostel site available to those wishing to share a place with a group of people at the most reasonable price. You may find all the useful information about it, in the website listed at the end of the page.

Added on your own spontaneous artistic gatherings, four weekly periods full of acts, workshops and concerts will take place as follows:

1st period / July 15 - 22
Workshop on vocal research
Spiros Sakkas (Greece), Natasa Zouka (Greece), Taxiarchis Chanos (Greece)

2nd period / August 5 – 11
Satellite workshops

3rd period / August 19 – 25
Vibrating Body I

- Workshops, concerts, shows and projects focusing on body and artistic creativity -

4th period / August 26 – September 1
Vibrating Body II

- Workshops, concerts, shows and projects focusing on body and artistic creativity -


We are welcoming you all professionals and amateurs, music, theatre and dance lovers, art lovers and well being funs, to MUSIC VILLAGE 2019. Join us and enjoy all that will be happening these days.

May we remind you that attendance of concerts and performances are ticket free events!

Best regards,
The Music Village team,

Kostas Makrygiannakis
Thimios Atzakas
Alexandros Seitaridis
Dimitris Zacharakis
Maya Papageorgiou


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