MusicVillage 22 afisa

August 2022
Aghios Lavrentios Pelion Greece


“Words and Music: Alternatives forms of matching”

Coordination: Katerina Fotinaki, Michalis Siganidis

“Strings & cymbals”
Composition Workshop

Coordination: Periklis Liakakis in cooperation with MV ensemble

“Man overboard - How to dismantle stage fright!”

A seminar on performing and acting

Coordination: Michalis Sionas

“Preparing the monkey”

Ido Portal workshop

Coordination: Konstantinos Moraitis

“Effect devices: A known unknown universe
The “proper” and the “unorthodox” use of effect devices with electric, acoustic or no instruments

Coordination: Yannis Anastassakis

Maskmaking Workshop

Coordination: Martha Foka

Meditation in Movement and in Stillness

Coordination: Giorgos Fotiadis, Marianna Astraka

“Polyphonic Body: The Radiant Storyteller”

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Coordination: Julianna Bloodgood, Rafał Habel

“In the courtyards of the Mediterranean”
A workshop for children of 4-10 years old

A walk in the music, fairy tales and games of our big neighbourhood!

Coordination: Angeliki Agalianou, Maya Papageorgiou, Eleana Chatzaki


“Polyrhythmic voice, spoken word and narration”

Percussion and storytelling workshop

Coordination: Michael Afolayan

Musical Workshop οn Makam Improvisation (Taksim)

Coordination: Michalis Kouloumis

“The Power of the Moment”

Free Improvisation Workshop

Coordination: Antonis Anissegos

“Agios Lavrentios Dance Orchestra”

Workshop and coaching on brass, string and percussion ensembles

Coordination: James Wylie, Fausto Sierakowski

Special Guest: Hayden Chisholm

“Puppet in a box, foldable toy-theatre”

Puppet Theatre workshop for adults

Coordination: Katarína Caková

“Epic Imbalance”

Theatrical Clown Workshop

Coordination: Gözde Atalay

“Pre-war Rebetiko”

Seminar - Music Theory and Performance Workshop

Coordination: Evgenios Voulgaris

“Τhe Art of Amané”

Workshop for Makam vocal improvisation

Coordination: Yannis Dionisiou, Iakovos Moisiadis

Workshop on Free Vocal Improvisation
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Coordination: Savina Yannatou


Workshop for vocal research
Coordination: Spyros Sakkas, Natassa Zouka

Every summer since 2006, Music Village Arts Community has been transforming the medieval village of Aghios Lavrentios into a place of symbiosis through art, music performance and education, settled in a natural and architectural habitat of outstanding beauty.

Music Village is organised by arTree, a civil non profit partnership, supported by Demitriada Metropolis, the Local Society of Aghios Lavrentios, and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

This year, there will be 18 symbiotic workshops coordinated by 32 instructors with rich artistic, scientific and educational background, experts on sound, movement and theatre. All these workshops and projects will take place the last two weeks of August, bringing the art of sound in contact with the human body, technology, music production, theatre, dancing, speech, folk and intellectual oral tradition and improvisation. These subjects will inspire various and symbiotic projects, live performances and spontaneous events, as every year happens.

With great impatience, cheerfulness and expectation for live symbiosis, we invite students, professionals of music and the performing arts together with researchers in humanities and teachers to take part in the Music Village workshops, collaborative events, lectures and residencies during the summer. In addition like every other year, Music Village is open to all friends and art lovers who desire to experience the artistic coexistence and osmosis during these days in Aghios Lavrentios.

Until then, you are invited to watch two short films by Nefeli Papaioannou (Artree - Music Village production) with excerpts from all of the workshops and performances that took place last summer (2021):

Period A (duration: 16’)

Period B (duration 22’)

Also, you can enjoy a photo collection by Nikolas Chryssos (488 photos) who captured every special moment at the previous Music Village:
Period A

Period B

For further information on the accommodation and the application form, visit:

Looking forward to seeing you,

the founding members

Thimios Atzakas, Kostas Makrygiannakis, George - Emmanuel Lazaridis

and the Music Village team

Alexandros Seitaridis - IT / Production manager

Dimitris Zacharakis - HR manager / Production assistant

Maya Papageorgiou - Administration

Anastasia Stavrou - Production assistant